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For more information about our products please contact our sales offices to send you our catalogs of products or visit our online Catalogs.

Quality Assurance
With our comprehensive products of tried and tested healthcare products, services and information solutions, we are able to provide the most viable, reliable, and sustainable solutions in the field of healthcare in Egypt.
As a medical products supplier we have a dedicated quality assurance department headed by a team of quality control experts to ensure flawless delivery of products. Further, the company is fully determined towards supplying of brilliance quality products. To ensure the requisite quality standard, there is a dedicated quality assurance department. In addition to this, a team of quality control experts check each product to ensure utmost efficiency before delivery.

Technical support
We’ve developed a uniquely synergistic approach to solving equipment maintenance and repair problems that is unequaled by any other suppliers and distributors in Egypt so we proudly announce that Every product we sell is guaranteed by a 3 years guarantee from our Technical support Center which provide the free of charge maintenance and technical support provided by a professional technicians trained by the manufacturers in every country of origin.