About us
Meditech for Importing and Marketing based at 2003 as a private sector Egyptian company headquartered in Cairo, focused on the acute care market. The company’s goal of becoming the most customer-driven healthcare provider is as important today as it was over 15 years ago. Today, Meditech is delivering customized service models and top quality products across the spectrum of healthcare.
We are always stay one step ahead of the latest medical technology trends to provide the latest possible technology for the field , Keeping up with new developments in medical and dental technology while at the same time eyeing future trends enables us to fully appreciate the potentials of various devices. It is Meditech in-depth knowledge, keen understanding of the field, and eye to the future that places it at the forefront of medical distribution.
The mission of the Company is to be the National market leader for Joint Preservation and integration across the broad spectrum of medical Specialty through best in class products and services. Our goal is to improve medical procedures for patients and offer customers quality products and technologies that provide a safe, efficient and cost effective medical treatment.
Commercial Policy
Our main commercial policy is to provide full satisfaction to our clients by providing them with best quality and reliable service backup at competitive prices. We always withstand and support any difficulties if ever faced by our clients in unexpected times, by offering them with immediate solutions at any point of time.
We have a long history of establishing strong partnerships with our clients , proudly we servce more than 550 client in 18 city all over Egypt .
Private Clinics